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气化不利 dysfunction of qi in transformation
 畏寒喜热 aversion to cold and preference for heat
气分热盛 excessive heat at qi phase
 气郁化热 stagnation of qi transforming into heat
温养脏腑 warming and nourishing the viscera
 瘀血阻络 blood stasis obstructing the collaterals
清肺润燥 clearing the lung and moistening dryness
 破瘀通经 breaking blood stasis to promote menstruation
内伤头疼 headache due to internal injury
 祛瘀 eliminating stasis, expelling stasis
逆传心包 reverse transmission into the pericardium
 气不摄血 failure of qi to check the blood
宁心安神 calming the heart and tranquilizing the mind
 血液循行 circulation of the blood
惊悸不安 palpitation due to fright
 气的运动形式 the moving styles of qi
血液生成不足 insufficient production of the blood
 平肝止血 soothing the liver to stop bleeding
血液亏虚 deficiency of the blood
 离经之血 abnormal flow of the blood
津液的形状、功能与分布 form, function, and distribution of the body fluid
 气血生化之源 source for the production and transformation of qi and blood
脉细无力 thin and weak pulse
 肌肤干燥 dry skin
肌肤甲错 squamous and dry skin
 血脉调和流畅 smooth and normal flow of the blood
脏腑火热炽盛 exuberant fire and heat in the viscera
 机体正常水液 normal fluid inside the body
热迫血分 heat invading the blood phase
 气滞津停 retention of fluid due to stagnation of qi
寒凝气滞 stagnation of cold and qi
 身倦乏力 lassitude
气滞血瘀 qi stagnation and blood stasis
 伤津脱液 consumption and loss of the body fluid
津液的营养和滋润作用 the nourishing and moistening functions of the body fluid
 津液的生成、输布和排泄 production, distribution, and excretion of the body fluid
腹痛拒按 unpalpable abdominal pain
 脾的“散精”功能 the function of the spleen to “dissipate essence”
津液不足 insufficiency of the body fluid
 水液停聚 retention of water
奇经八脉 eight extraordinary vessels, eight extraordinary meridians
 胃的“游溢精气” the function of the stomach to “distribute essence”
津液生化匮乏 scanty production of the body fluid
 津液的代谢平衡 the metabolic balance of the body fluid
热盛耗伤津液 consumption of the body fluid due to excessive heat
 风为百病之长 wind is the leading factor in causing various diseases
水液代谢障碍 disturbance of water metabolism
 气随津脱 exhaustion of qi due to loss of body fluid
水湿困脾 dampness encumbering the spleen
 濡养肌肤 moistening and nourishing the skin
湿邪内盛 exuberance of interior dampness
 经脉之海 sea of meridians
脾虚水肿 edema due to spleen deficiency
 滋养脏腑 moistening and nourishing the viscera
运行全身气血 transporting qi and blood in the whole body
 十二经别 twelve branches of meridians
联络脏腑肢节 connecting with viscera, limbs and joints
 经别 divergent meridians
循行路线 running route
 经气 meridian qi
十二正经 twelve regular meridians
 十二皮部 twelve skin areas, twelve skin regions/divisions
经隧阻滞 blockage of meridians
 十二经筋 twelve meridian tendons
经穴 meridian acupoints, Jing-River acupoint
 饮食劳倦 improper diet and overstrain
经络辨证 syndrome differentiation according to meridians
 风寒感冒 common cold due to wind-cold
经络感传 meridian conduction, channel transmission
 湿热泄泻diarrhea due to damp-heat
经络现象 meridian phenomena
 内生五邪 five endogenous pathogenic factors
经络阻滞 blockage of meridians
 风邪外袭 pathogenic wind attacking the superficies
舒筋活络 relaxing tendons and activating collaterals
 游走性关节疼痛 migratory arthralgias
刺血疗法 blood-pricking therapy
 阳气衰退 decline of yang-qi
外感六淫 attacked by six climate pathogenic factors
 六淫 six climatic evils
感受寒邪 attacked by pathogenic cold
 经闭发肿 amenorrhea with edema
虚实夹杂 deficiency complicated with excess, asthenia complicated with sthenia
 邪正盛衰 predominance or decline of pathogenic factors and healthy qi
寒性凝滞 cold tending to stagnate by nature
 病症的虚实变化 asthenia and sthenia changes of disease
腠理闭塞 blockage of muscular interstices
 机体的抗病能力 body resistance
经脉拘急收引 contraction of tendons
 五心烦热 feverish sensation over the five centers
湿邪困脾 pathogenic dampness encumbering the spleen
 五心 five centers (palms, soles and chest)
疾病的发生、发展与变化 occurrence, development and changes of disease
 生津安神 promoting the production of body fluid and tranquilizing the mind
体质强弱 conditions of constitution
 蓄血发黄 jaundice due to blood accumulation
气血功能紊乱 dysfunction of qi and blood
 脾阳不振 inactivation of spleen yang
阴阳偏盛大 relative predominance of yin and yang
 阴虚生内热 yin deficiency generating interior heat
五志过极 extreme changes of emotions
 热极生风 extreme heat producing wind
精气夺则虚 depletion of essence causing deficiency
 七情内伤 internal injury due to emotional disorder
阴阳互损 mutual consumption of yin and yang
 饮食不节 improper diet
真热假寒 true heat and false cold
 暴饮暴食 craputence
气机郁滞不畅 stagnation of qi activity
 神昏谵语 coma and delirium
津液代谢失常 disorder of fluid metabolism
 四诊合参 combined use of the four diagnostic methods
寒热往来 alternate attacks of chill and fever
 精神活动 mental activities
津伤化燥 consumption of fluid transforming into dryness
 面部表情 facial expressions
风火胁痛 hypochondriac pain due to wind-fire
 精充气足 sufficient essence and abundant qi
口眼歪斜 wry mouth with distorted eyes, facial distortion
 预后良好 favorable prognosis
湿浊内生 endogenous turbid dampness
 表情淡漠 apathetic facial expressions
虚火上炎 flaming of asthenia-fire
 精神不振 dispiritedness
邪气内陷 internal invasion of pathogenic factors
 神志不清 unconsciousness
大肠热结 retention of heat in the large intestine
 轻宣润燥 dispersing lung qi and moistening dryness
心脉瘀阻 blood stasis in the heart vessels
 四肢抽搐 convulsion of the limbs
镜面舌 mirror-like tongue
 脏腑辨证 syndrome differentiation of viscera
饥不欲食 hunger without desire for food
 病位与病性 location and nature of disease
脉有胃气 pulse with stomach qi
 表里同病 disease involving both the exterior and interior
清里泄热 clearing away heat in the interior
 风热眩晕 vertigo due to wind-heat
寒证化热 cold syndrome transforming into heat syndrome
 寒热错杂 simultaneous occurrence of cold and heat
舌淡苔白而润滑 light-colored tongue with white and slippery coating
 表邪入里 invasion of the exterior pathogenic factors into the interior
祛风解痉 expelling wind to relieve convulsion
 外感胃脘痛 stomachache due to exogenous pathogenic factors医.学全.在.线网站www.med126.com
恶寒与恶热 aversion to cold and aversion to heat
 潮热盗汗 tidal fever and night sweating
口干唇裂 dry mouth with cracked lips
 高热谵妄 high fever with delirium
脉数无力 rapid and weak pulse
 和血止痛 regulating blood to alleviate pain
寒邪郁而化热 stagnation of pathogenic cold changing into heat
 寒因寒用 treating pseudo-cold syndrome with herbs of cold nature
未病先防 preventing measures taken before the occurrence of disease
 热因热用 treating pseudo-heat syndrome with herbs of heat nature
补气健脾 invigorating qi and strengthening the spleen
 塞因塞用 treating obstructive syndrome with tonifying therapy
补血养心 enriching blood to nourish the heart
 发汗解表 relieving exterior syndrome by diaphoresis
水气凌心 water attacking the heart
 风热乳蛾 tonsillitis due to wind-heat
心悸多梦 palpitation and dreaminess
 痰饮咳嗽 cough due to fluid retention
血为气母 the blood serving as the mother of qi
 实热蕴结 accumulation of sthenia-heat
调摄精神 regulating mental states
 舒肝和胃 soothing the liver and harmonizing the stomach
血脉流畅 smooth circulation of blood
 清热泻火 clearing away heat and reducing fire
关节通利 smooth movement of joints
 疏风泄热 dispelling wind and reducing heat
气机调畅 free activity of qi
 行气消瘀 activating qi to resolve stagnation
益寿延年 promoting longevity
 养血润肠 nourishing the blood and moistening the intestine
治病求本 treatment of disease must concentrate on the principle cause of disease
 因时、因地、因人制宜 applying proper therapeutic measure in line with season, local conditions and individuality
急则治其标 relieving the secondary symptoms first in treating acute disease
 缓则治其本 relieving the primary symptoms in treating chronic disease
通腑泄热 purging fu-organs to eliminate heat
 燥湿化痰 drying dampness and resolving phlegm
标本兼治 treatment focusing on relieving both the secondary and primary symptoms
 正虚邪实 asthenia of healthy qi and sthenia of pathogenic factors
痰湿壅肺 accumulation of phlegm-dampness in the lung
 血枯经闭 amenorrhea due to blood exhaustion
祛虫消积 removing parasites to eliminate accumulation



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