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中医常用词汇    Terms Commonly Used in TCM
中国医药学 Traditional Chinese Medicine
 治未病 prevention of disease
中医基础理论 Basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine
 脏腑 zang-organs and fu-organs, viscera
临床经验 clinical experience
 功能活动 functional activities
辨证论治 treatment based on syndrome differentiation
 形神统一 unity of the body and spirit
本草 materia medica, herbs
 阴阳失调 imbalance of yin and yang
中药 Chinese materia medica, Chinese medicinal herbs
 条达舒畅 free development
四气五味 four properties and five tastes
 延年益寿 prolonging life, promising longevity
针灸 acupuncture and moxibustion, acumox
 养生防病 cultivating health to prevent disease
各家学说 theories of different schools
 正气 healthy qi, vital qi
汗法 diaphoresis, sweating therapy
 病邪 pathogenic factor
下法 purgative therapy, purgation
 整体观念 concept of holism
吐法 emetic therapy, vomiting therapy
 疾病的本质与现象 nature and manifestations of disease
补土派 school of invigorating the earth
 阴阳的相对平衡 relative balance between yin and yang
病因学说 etiology
 疾病的发生与发展 occurrence and development of disease
养生 health-cultivation,
 同病异治 treating the same disease with different therapies
医疗实践 medical practice
 异病同治 treating different diseases with the same therapy
治疗原则 therapeutic principles
 五脏 five zang-organs, five zang-viscera
寒凉药物 herbs of cold and cool nature, cold-natured herbs
 六腑 six fu-organs, six fu-viscera
滋阴降火 nourishing yin to lower/reduce fire
 经络系统 system of meridians and collaterals
滋水涵木 enriching water to nourish wood
 余热未尽 incomplete abatement of heat
瘀血致泻 disease caused by blood stasis
 有机整体 organic wholeness/integrity
先天之精 congenital essence
 表里关系 exterior and interior relation
形与神俱 inseparability of the body and spirit
 开窍 opening into
开胃 promoting appetite
 自然现象 natural phenomena
脉象 pulse conditions, pulse pattern
 哲学概念 philosophical concept
邪正关系 states of pathogenic factors and healthy qi
 对立统一 unity of opposites
发热恶寒 fever and aversion to cold
 相互消长 mutual waning and waxing
头身疼痛 headache and body pain
 相互转化 mutual transformation
久痢脱肛 proctoptosis due to prolonged dysentery
 阴阳属性 nature of yin and yang
养阴清热 nourishing yin and clearing away heat
 相互联系 interrelation
清肺热 clear away lung-heat
 相互制约 mutual restraint, mutual restriction/interaction
湿邪犯肺 pathogenic dampness invading the lung
 动态平衡 dynamic equilibrium
清热泻火 clearing away heat and reducing fire
 阴平阳秘 yin and yang in equilibrium
腠理 muscular interstices, striae, interstitial space
 阴阳的互根互用 interdependence of yin and yang
水湿停滞 retention of water and dampness, water retention
 相互依存 interdependence
癃闭 retention of urine
 阴阳离绝 separation of yin and yang
气血运行 circulation/flow of qi and blood
 相反相成 opposite and supplementary to each
阴阳转化 transformation between yin and yang
 生理功能 physiological functions
阳消阴长 yang waning and yin waxing
 病理变化 pathological changes
阴胜则阳病 predominance of yin leading to disorder of yang
 临床诊断 clinical diagnosis
阴胜则阳病 an excess of yin leads to deficiency of yang
 阳胜生外热 exuberance of yang leading to exterior heat
阳胜则热 predominance of yang generating heat
 阳中求阴 obtaining yang from yin
寒极生热 extreme cold generating heat
 绝对偏盛 absolute predominance
热极生寒 extreme heat generating cold
 阳虚则寒 yang deficiency leading to cold
阳损及阴 impairment of yang involving yin
 阴阳俱损 simultaneous consumption of yin and yang
阴液不足 insufficiency of yin-fluid
 阴阳两虚 simultaneous deficiency of both yin and yang
病机总纲 general principle of pathogenesis
 阳虚发热 fever due to yang deficiency
病机 pathomechanism, pathological mechanism
 阴阳自和 natural harmony between yin and yang
阴阳胜复 alternative predominance of yin and yang
 木乘土 the wood over-restrains the earth
虚寒证 deficiency-cold syndrome
 木火刑金 wood-fire impairs the metal
扶阳退阴 strengthening yang to reduce yin
 金水相生 generation between the metal and water
祛风散寒 expelling/eliminating wind to dispersing cold
 生克制化 interrelationship between generation and restriction
消导积滞 promoting digestion and removing food retention
 制则生化 restriction ensuring generation
潜阳熄风 suppressing yang to quench wind
 母病及子 disease of the mother-organ affecting the child-organ
五行学说 theory of five elements
 传变 transmission of disease, progress of disease
运动变化 motion and variation
 子病犯母 disease of the child-organ affecting the mother-organ
正邪相争 struggle/combat between healthy qi and pathogenic factors
 肝肾精血不足 insufficiency of liver and kidney essence and blood
相生相克 mutual generation and restriction
 肝阳上亢 hyperactivity of liver yang
生我,我生 to be generated and to generate
 心肝血虚 asthenia / deficiency of heart and liver blood
克我,我克 to be restricted and to restrict
 心肝火旺 exuberance of heart and liver fire 
生中有制 restriction within generation
 心火亢盛 hyperactivity/exuberance of heart fire
克中有生 generation within restriction
 滋肾养肝 nourishing the kidney and liver
木曰曲直 wood is characterized by growing freely and peripherally
 方位配五行 correspondence of the directions to the five elements
火曰炎上 fire is characterized by flaming up
 温肾健脾 warming the kidney and strengthening the spleen
土爰稼穑 earth is characterized by cultivation and reaping
 肾阳式微 declination of kidney yang
金曰从革 metal is characterized by change
 脾阳不振 inactivation of spleen yang
病缓起 gradual onset of disease
 脾胃虚弱 hypofunction/weakness of the spleen and stomach
肝阴不足 insufficiency of liver yin
 地道不通 menopause
相乘相侮 over-restriction and reverse restriction
 平肝和胃 soothing the liver and harmonizing the stomach
水湿停聚 retention of water-dampness
 水火不济 discordance between water and fire
肾阴不足 insufficiency of kidney yin
 藏象学说 theory of visceral manifestations
心肾不交 disharmony between the heart and kidney
 奇恒之腑 extraordinary fu-organs
宣通水道 dredging water passage
 水谷精微 cereal nutrients, essence of water and food
通调水道 dredging and regulating water passage
 传化水谷 transmission and transformation of food
行气利水 activating qi to excrete water
 贮藏精气 storage of essence
水液停滞 retention of fluid
 治疗效果 curative / therapeutic effect
后天之本 postnatal / acquired base of life
 藏而不泻 storage without excretion
调畅气机 regulating qi activity
 泻而不藏 excretion without storage
肝气上逆 upward flow of liver qi
 表热里寒 exterior heat and interior cold
水曰润下 water is characterized by moistening and downward flowing
 肝旺脾虚 hyperfunction of the liver and weakness of the spleen医.学.全.在线.网.站.提供
脾主运化 the spleen governing transportation and transformation
 大肉陷下 obvious emaciation and muscular atrophy, extreme emaciation
肝气郁结 stagnation of liver qi
 面色红润 ruddy complexion, rosy cheeks
胆虚证 gallbladder deficiency syndrome
 胆虚不得眠 insomnia due to gallbladder asthenia
腐熟水谷 digesting food
 导便法 laxation
食欲不振 poor appetite
 跌打损伤 traumatic injury
脘腹胀闷 epigastric distension and depression
 动静结合 integration of motion and quietness/stillness
嗳气酸腐 eructation with fetid odor
 定喘 relieving asthma
泌别清浊 separating the clear from the turbid
 心主血脉 the heart controlling blood and vessels
食物残渣 residue of food
 心气充沛 abundance of heart qi
大肠主传导 the large intestine governing transmission and transportation
 防御外邪入侵 preventing the invasion of exogenous pathogenic factor
癃闭 dysuria, retention of urine, anuria and dysuria
 血液充盈 plenty of blood
面黄肌瘦 emaciation with sallow complexion
 脉道不利 unsmoothness of vessels
止珠偏斜 strabismus, squint, ocular deviation
 面色无华 lusterless complexion
调节水液 regulation of water
 脉象细弱 thin and weak pulse
排泄糟粕 excretion of waste material
 面色萎黄 sallow complexion
髓海不足 insufficiency of marrow-sea
 汗血同源 sweat and blood sharing the same origin
精神委靡 dispiritedness, listlessness, lower spirit
 升降出入 ascending, descending, coming in and going out
月经不调 irregular menstruation
 气为血帅 qi serves as the commander of the blood
冲任不固 weakness of thoroughfare and conception vessels
 气血凝滞 stagnation of qi and blood
经期延长 prolonged menstruation
 血瘀 blood stasis
小肠实热 sthenia-heat in the small intestine
 气滞腰痛 lumbago due to qi stagnation
气机调畅 smooth activity of qi
 气虚滑胎 habitual abortion due to qi asthenia



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