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  • 国家中医药管理局重点专科项目建设总结 State Administration of Traditional key specialty projects summary
  • 书讯:张华教授专著《百病饮食宜与忌》 Professor Zhang Hua monograph "Food taboos when sick"
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医学新闻 Medical News

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海参造假:毒碱保鲜添加剂超五倍 Sea cucumber fraud: toxic alkali additives

张华教授曾多方呼吁:忌过度营养,不吃和少吃冬虫夏草、灵芝、海参、燕窝、鱼刺...,随着越来越多的有毒、造假和添加剂食品被揭露,“不吃不中毒”和“少吃少中毒”实乃真知灼见... Professor Zhang Hua had multiple calls: avoid over-nutrition, eat and eat Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum, sea cucumber, bird's nest, fish ..., as more and more toxic, food additives, the disclosure of fraud and "do not eat poisoning "and" eat less toxic, "an exercise in insight ...

癌症治疗 Cancer Treatment

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三成癌症“被医死”,和缓治疗延长生命 Three percent of cancer dead from overtreatmant

相当多的的癌症病人是在不合理的过度治疗中“被医死”而加速死亡,合理有效的治疗,可以缓解病情延长生命... Considerable number of cancer patients is irrational over-treatment of "death by doctors" and to hasten death, rational and effective treatment that can relieve the condition to extend the life ...

癌症大全 Cancer Catalog

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  • 肿瘤概述 Cancer Overview

    肿瘤是人体的正常细胞,在不良因素的长期作用下,部分细胞群过度增生或异常分化而生成的新生物... Cancer is the body's normal cells, in the long-term effects of adverse factors, some cell populations hyperplasia or abnormal differentiation of the generation of new biological ...

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