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主题:The Mirrored World (A dream)

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The Mirrored World (A dream)  发贴心情 Post By:2016-12-13 23:07:34

The Mirrored World (A dream) A man, or maybe myself, was looking into the mirror. Then he entered the world inside the mirror - the mirrored world. There everything was reversed. In school, all children were bullying the only target, the one boy considered to be evil, because in the mirrored world, there were many different forms of Good, or Being Morally Right, but there was only one form of Evil, or Being Morally Bad. That was the exact opposite of the reality we live in, where there is only one possibility of being totally good, which is the unreachable perfection, and all the rest possibilities of imperfection are all considered to be various versions of “bad”, or “sinful”. I was greatly horrified by the cruelty in the mirrored world, and woke up from the dream. (End) (2013)